As we enter our sixth year of operations we look back with pride and some relief that our joint venture to diversify our civil operations into the heavy earthmoving arena has generated great success and appears to have a promising outlook for the future. With the support of a dedicated management and operations team we have grown the business, expanded our fleet of heavy equipment, broadened our range of expertise and proved our ability to work in remote and sometimes hostile locations.

In the past few years we have seen some significant changes in the industry as the development needs of our country compete with, and hopefully complement the growing environmental lobby and the needs of our communities. We are also proud to have been a part of the drive to improve the image of our wider industry in the field of occupational health and safety, and we are proud, but not complacent, of our excellent record in site safety management.

Establishing a new business is never easy in a tight economic environment where tender price is a dominant consideration. It is a source of great satisfaction to our company that every single assignment completed has either lead to follow up work or to discussions that such further work will be forthcoming in the future.

Our employees, subcontractors and loyal suppliers are the heart of our business, and we continue to improve our systems and relationships to ensure quality workmanship is maintained. Our industry does not always offer the most attractive of working conditions and these conditions are at times far from home base. 

As we look ahead to the challenges that face us we look forward to being a part of the changing infrastructure base in Australia. There will no doubt be good and bad times in the years to come but it is our urgent wish that our relationships will overcome the problems and  generate mutural benefit when times are good. We hope this short publication will be of interest to you and we will be able to do business in the future.


We have a long and successful history within the civil contracting industry and construction activities spanning over 30 years.


MC Earthmoving is recognised for:

·    Completing contracts on time and to the specifications required

·    High level of day to day supervision

·    The use of the latest GPS and laser technology

·    Dedicated support and administration team

·    Proactive identification of better work methods

·    Excellent, fully owned equipment base and experienced operators

MC Earthmoving has a broad range of experience in
the following:


·  Bulk Earthworks

·  Quarry Overburden Removal

·  Dam Construction & Upgrades

·  Golf Course Construction

·  Major Civil Works


The safety and well-being of our personnel, visitors and sub-contractors is a prime consideration in all that we do. We operate a stringent safety system and records are kept of safety meetings, toolbox talks and site hazard identification and control.  Equipment safety and pre-start checks are performed at the commencement of each days work and any hazards or non-complying equipment is reported and attended to.

The company aims for overall efficiency and the highest quality standards; to this end we operate all projects utilising the Civil Contractors Federation Quality Control System which ensures thorough project evaluation and planning and requires detailed documentation as construction proceeds. MCEarthmoving has made a significant investment in GPS technology resulting in quicker, more accurate and safer operations. The ultimate result is the building of a better quality product at a lower price, with the add-on benefit of ready-to-use construction documentation. 

Our investment in GPS technology has been a process of continual improvement. The systems have developed from being largely machine-based to a current position where the operators can receive their instructions remotely and utilise the highly accurate data in the equipment.